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Photometry Solutions

  •   1-3 Years
  •   India

We Make Light Work

Employees: 2 - 9 employees

Gender: Male

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We are a team of professional lighting consultants who believe in innovative ideas and out of the box solutions. At Photometry, We Understand the need for lighting according to space which Controls the Psychology of human Being. We study the lighting and its immense impact on human behavior & How a foundation in photobiology and the nonvisual effects of electric light is now essential to the proper use of light in the building. Also, We Engineer understand the Lighting Terms Each and Every aspect of Lighting. We are Very Creative & aesthetic to our Designs & Support you through Out the designing Process & Provide all documentary related to lighting design Process.


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Company Name:   Photometry Solutions

  •   Deginations: Lighting Designer
  •   Job Start Date: 2017-05-22   Job End Date: Current



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