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Android App - Sales Lead Management - Development Only

  • Rs 150000
  •   Anyone
  •  2020-02-01

Project Detail

We are looking for a professional app developer or company for developing an android app. Its a Sales Lead management app. It is combination of LEADer & Diaro apps on Playstore. One Account created can be accessed by multiple mobile numbers added in a team. Info updated on the app by a team member should sync smoothly & immediately on all the other team members of a specific account. The App should work smoothly with out any lag as same as DIARO APP. Design has been completed. Minimum Requirement : The app developer or the company should have developed minimum of two android apps of minimum 10k downloads on playstore. Only then apply for the project. Please download Diaro app (Diary, Journal - Pixel Crater) & LEADer ( Purple color - Free CRM ) app from playstore. Use both the apps before you send your interest or quote.

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