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Need Photos of Food

  • Rs 20
  •   Anyone
  •  2020-01-12

Project Detail

The price is fixed 20INR/approved Pic. Project Scope: Photographs of food items that are captured using a DSLR with a minimum 18MP resolution. The images should be uploaded in a raw format. What to Upload: Make sure that all photos contain food and please try to also show the plate, or even the setting. Images with just food are okay, but please try to show diversity on your photos. Be creative and deliver images taken with different angles and backgrounds. Cooked food is alright, but please bear in mind that uncooked food is also desirable, so please try to include both within your deliverable, as well as other variations in order to ensure diversity of images, such as: Ready to eat/not ready to eat food (e.g. still in frying pan) presented (eg in a plate, a bowl or any other container)/not presented (e.g. sandwich hold in hand, or fruits on a shelf) Prepared (e.g. fruit cut in pieces)/not prepared (e.g. whole fruit or vegetable). They should be Instagram worthy(and yes, we judge you!) Only one image per food will be accepted. What not to Upload: Blurry & out of focus images Same plate and same background photos Images in which a person can be identified Any pic that is not taken by a DSLR (our system is not Human so it can identify Fakes 😊)

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