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How To Start A Career As A Freelance Content Writer

Freelancing has emerged in the industry right from the time the young minds have developed a determination for their own start-ups and businesses. It is most popular in the domains of content writing, digital marketing, web development, and designing, etc. Building a career as a freelance writer is not as easy as it seems to be. A freelance writer is generally considered to be a person who sits at home and writes articles. However, one does not understand the profound efforts put in by the freelancer in terms of looking out for clients, get projects and work on varied requirements of the person.

A freelance content writer will never write solely on a single topic to make money. They have to make their field of writing so diverse that in order to make money, that they may end up writing something he is not aware of and will have to do in-depth research investing a lot of time. However, if you have the determination of becoming a professional freelance writer, nothing can even stop you. Follow the steps mentioned and put in all your efforts to become one!

Have A Blog

Having a website or a blog is the first requirement if you choose to be a full-time professional writer. This blog is not to make money on priority but to create a portfolio. You may create a blog on popular domains such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. Write down some articles that you mainly specialize in. Blogs are a significant help to get started and show off about your writing capabilities in the market. Promote the blog on various social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Create Your Profile

The next step is to create a profile on the online websites that work as a platform helping the writers and clients join. Make sure you are mentioning your blog in your profile, your experience and everything about you that can help the client understand how you’d benefit him for his business needs.

Bid On Various Projects

When you’ve created your profile, you may start bidding on multiple projects that you are willing to take up. While bidding, mention the price and a relevant message for the client that may help him choose you.

Work On The Projects

While you have just commenced your career in freelance content writing, you need to be extra careful. Listen to the client's instructions carefully. Ask them if you have doubts. Give him an outline of the write-up that you plan to write for them. Make sure you write quality content with 100% uniqueness and utterly relevant to the context.

Edit, Proofread And Submit

Once you have completed the writing part, start reading your article aloud, and you will surely find changes. Edit the article, proofread it for the last time and get back to submission. Make sure you never miss the deadline. For projects of long duration, make sure you keep your client updated on the progress.

Never Share The Client Articles

Once you have submitted the write-ups to the client and once they are successfully accepted, never use them anywhere else. Even if the client does not get an NDA signed, make sure you do not disclose the content written. However, it is always suggested to ask your clients beforehand if you could use these articles as samples for making more clients in the market. If approved, you may share them with the new clients in a word or a PDF format.

Set Your Price As Per Your Experience And Skills

To gain a reputation, expertise and the necessary skills in the field of content writing, you may start with writing at lesser rates or the rates that the clients offer. However, as you keep on growing the industry, acquire the required skills, gain experience in writing in various domains, you may start setting your minimum pricing standards.

Final Words

Building a career as a freelance content writer is a great option to opt for. All it requires is your efforts and time to grow. As you work with different clients, you will surely have something new to learn and explore. Follow the steps discussed and do well! All the best!