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Tips To Get Hired As A Beginner SEO Content Writer In India

SEO content writing is very different from general content development. It involves a lot of techniques, research of keywords, and a well-built article for the search engines to like it and display it on the top. What is it that people look out for when hiring a content writer in India? It is the knowledge of SEO writing. No website can ever be successful without optimization of its content. It will not receive enough leads unless it has a good rank on the search engines. Thus, SEO content writing is something that makes the writer a professional. What should you know to be a good SEO writer? Here are some tips to follow

1. Identification of the Right Phrase

A writer should be able to identify suitable phrases that people in general use on the search engines. To determine the same, there are numerous tools where you may want to collect information about the same. The tools provide the much-required statistics about what phrase in popular and to what extent. You need to identify the level of competition in the online market concerning the particular phrase. These keywords need to be fitted in appropriate positions too.

The search engines are machines that cannot understand human emotions but only the codes that are fit in. They capture keywords in the URL, headings, subheads, meta, etc. Thus, an SEO content writer makes sure to use the keywords at appropriate positions in a proper density. For example, one may not prefer using more than 2 – 3% quantum of keywords based on the total number of words. This is because adding keywords too many times can lead to spamming. You need to assure that you’ve written in a natural follow with the input of the keywords.


Generally, A content writer should add the keywords in the main heading, slug, first paragraph, at least once in the subheads, meta description, etc. Consider making the keywords in the normal content as bold. Do not make the keyword density more than 3% of the total number of words. Furthermore, while research, make sure you are opting for long phrases with at least 3 – 4 words since they have a better impact on the search engines.

2. Readability rules for SEO content writing

The readability is one of the major factors that affect SEO. Better the readability, better is the quality of your content. A good readability means the content can be easily understood and grasped. The search engines do not like the use of comprehensive vocabulary. Try using a simple and understandable language while writing. After all, the content is written for the audience and not for ourselves. The following are some tips you should follow while writing.

• Keep The Sentences Short

Short sentences are one of the significant factors one should consider while writing. Not only keep the sentences short but the search engines like shorter words too. A good readable sentence should have not more than 20 words.

• Use More Of Active Voice

Research says that readers grasp the content written in the active voice better compared to the content written in the passive voice. Thus, prefer using not more than 10% of passive voice in your entire write-up.

• Use of Transition Words

The transition words are the connecting words. For example, also, consequently, however, are some words that relate the previous sentence to the next. It is good to use transition words to enhance readability.

• Paragraphs and subheadings

Considering the format of content, do not write more than five sentences in a single paragraph. Furthermore, consider putting subtitles in the write-ups. This gives a break up to the article in the right places. The subheads are essential to keep the writer engaged.

The subheading breaks the content giving the essence of the subsequent paragraph. Make sure some of the subheads do have the keywords stuffed to assure good SEO practices.

Final words

SEO writing is not tough. If you practice it well, there’s a massive scope of getting hired as a freelance content writer. A lot of platforms persist online where you can connect with the clients and get projects. One of the popular platforms is Expertright that allows you to get the best projects from India. Happy writing.