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Popular SEO Techniques You Should Follow

In today’s swiftly growing world, it has become tough for a company to stand out in the massive competition. While digital marketing has become a must for every business website, SEO techniques are the primary methods or strategies applied for the success of the business. While there are numerous other digital marketing strategies, the SEO technique seems to be the most effective one. Here are some of the top SEO techniques to adopt for a business. You may want to hire a digital marketing expert to help you comply with all of these SEO needs.

Keyword placement

The right placement of keywords if the most important factor of a website. Statistics show that the Google search engine has almost 20% of the audience asking queries. These may be in the form of how, who, why, etc. When you create long-tail keywords, focus on such query type phrases. Research for keywords based on the topic of your site. There are popular tools online that help as the best solutions for understanding the keyword importance on the search engines. They give you statistics of how prevalent the keyword among the audience is.


This is the most important section of a website when we talk about keywords. A blog is the best way to get all the keywords placed and rank your site well in the search engines. Especially when it comes to Google, it simply loves blogs. Consider adding keywords in the Title, add subheadings with keywords placement, meta, slug and even in the paragraphs. However, do not create inappropriate blog posts merely to stuff in the keywords since audience retention is very important for a site. The keyword density in a blog post should be 2 – 3%.

URL structure

The URL structure of every page or post on the website should be very simple. We generally see a lot of structures with dates or unwanted terms given in the link. It is better to simply have your website name and the topic or the keyword telling what the page is about.

For example, if an ABC company writes about what is SEO, then the best way to create a URL is This way, the URL gives a clear identification of what the page is about.

Headings and Subheadings

Every post or page should have a heading and subheads too. Simple paragraphs may not interest the reader. A heading and the subheads give an essence of what the content is about. Placement of keywords in the subheads also allows the search engines to identify the relevance of your page and put it at the top in the search engines.

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert for Appropriate Backlinking

This is one of the ignored but most important forms of SEO techniques. Whenever you write a post, try to link the keywords to your landing pages. This applies not just in the blog section of your own site but also on adding backlinks to other popular sites helps. Guest posting is a popular form of blogging where we tend to attract people from other platforms to our business website. You may also consider guest posting and create backlinks at the targeted keywords. However, make sure you perform guest posting only on sites that have high domain authority.

Add Images and Infographics

Images do not help in SEO directly but create a user retention. The traffic and site activity is imperative for the search engines to realize the value of your site. Images and infographics have a better retention capacity for simple content. Thus, it indirectly helps in SEO.

Create Videos for your Website

YouTube videos are very important. Research states that 55% of the keywords we search for on google get us to at least one video. Out of this 82 % are from YouTube. YouTube has grown the second most successful search engine in the world. It has over 3 billion searches in a month.

To make your YouTube video SEO friendly, consider adding the right keywords in your video title. Try using long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords are the ones that have 5+ words. Try to use the keywords in your video description too. You may write a short paragraph, a kind of a blog post to make the description informative.

Final Words

Consider these tips for your site, and you will do an impressive SEO performance. You may want to hire professional content writers for blogging, web content and guest posting. Further, hire a digital marketing freelancer to help you get the best rank for your site.