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How to Write Content That Converts

A copy content is a write-up that sells. Thus, it needs to be undoubtedly compelling. How can you make it so? A simple and effective message, a call-to-action, presenting mutually valuable information and various other factors make gripping content. People will hire content writers only if you follow these guidelines and create a beautiful write-up that actually converts. If you are a writer or the one looking for a great write-up, here are some tips to help you understand what your copy needs to make it a compelling content.

1. Knowledge about the topic

Your copy should be able to quickly answer audiences’ questions that they want to know. Thus, accurate knowledge about your targeted prospects problems and an understanding of how your product will solve it is something a writer definitely needs to know. In other words, one needs to develop a buyer persona. Thus, you will have to gather abundant valuable information and then use it in the right way to captivate the attention of the people. The best manner is to give a solution to the problems.

2. Important Prospects

If you look forward to creating more buzz on the content, you need to make your prospects feel special. You try to create a desire in the minds of the people. You may do this by letting them know what you have specially selected them or may be randomly selected for people to receive their offers. The feeling of self-esteem or making the users feel special is something that you can do to attract customers. This copy is majorly for writing emails and sending it to the potential users who you think are likely to convert.

3. Generate an emotional connect

This is where you start converting the prospect. For example, you may have come across the Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign where they say a message ‘you are not defined by your makeup.’ It is so powerful that it plays with the emotions of the people positively. And selecting and playing with the right emotions have made the company reach real success. Thus, your copy should have an emotional connect with the readers.

4. Use analogies and metaphors

There are so many emails lying in the inbox every day that you’d never even want to see. The write-ups do not bring value to the reader. However, you do not want to create a blunt message for sure. Thus, as a copywriter, you need to figure out the value of the product first and then put it into clear words that actually make sense to people. Analogies and metaphors help in putting the concepts into perspective. Here are some examples of the same. Words by Burger King say ‘Subservient Chicken,’ Tropicana says ‘Your daily ray of sunshine.’ These lines automatically create a picture in your mind.

5. Write promising words and avoid weasel words

Weasel words are the words used to make a statement plausible or deniable. For example, a brand may say, ‘reduce your hair fall with Thick and Lush.’ You are here not promising the cure. Another example may be ‘the cream fights dryness,’ but the phrase again is not promising. Thus, your write up should favor the reader and describe the experience concisely. Thus, your sentences should create pressure, should be sensitive and definite for people to trust the brand.

6. Make the reader feel the emergency and need of the product

Why do big companies generate sales only for a fixed time period? This is because if they have it throughout the year, their call to action will not stay so effective as it becomes during the season of sale. Similarly, you cannot always offer the product the same way you’ve always been doing. Instead, create an urgency. You may set a deadline or use phrases like ‘Offer ends tomorrow.’ Or ‘Limited offer.’ While your copy is explaining about the product or helping the audience understand the importance of the product, you may actually put these phrases in the headings, subheads, etc.

7. Use call-to-action to process your actual aim of content

After you’ve made them come out of their comfort zone and explore your offers, you may add a call-to-action along. Ask them to sign-up or buy the product together. But do not settle for words like ‘Click here’ or ‘click now.’ They actually do not work well. Instead, you may use meaningful phrases like ‘Start your free trial now’ or ‘see how this works,’ etc.

Final words

Follow these short tips, and you will see the results. Not only just the marketing but good content is equally essential for product promotion. Thus, when you hire content writers, or if you are a writer yourself, always make sure you have followed the above points like a checklist for the product. Cheers, you will definitely be able to write a copy content that converts!